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6XXX series aluminum alloys

The 6XXX series of alloys contain the major alloying elements of Mg and Si and belong to medium strength heat treated aluminum alloys. Mg and Si forms fine ß" -Mg2Si precipitates as a strengthening phase, which uniformly distributes in the α-Al matrix, thereby strengthening the material. Appropriate control of the ß" -Mg2Si content and other alloying elements, such as Cu, Mn, Cr, Zr, Ti, and V produces alloys that meet customers' strength and processing requirements. Offers excellent corrosion resistance, and extremely good extrudability and weldability. Typical tensile strength: 125–400 Mpa (18–58 ksi). Mainly used in building constructions, automotive components, ships, and machinery.


6XXX series high cleanliness alloys

The 6XXX series consists of low to medium-strength alloys, which are able to meet the needs of attractive cosmetic products such as the housings of high-end handheld 3C products, automotive sheet, auto parts and accessories, and solar panel frames, Forged Wheel, Trim, Crash box, Crank Case, etc.
Typical alloys: 6061, 6063, 6401, etc.

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6XXX series moderately high strength aluminum alloys

6XXX series moderately high strength alloys can be used in structural applications requiring high strength, such as bicycle frames, rims, and head tubes, or other high-strength forged products; also widely used in transportation structures and industrial products.
Typical alloys: 6061, 6013, 6069, 6082, etc.