Alloy Design

Focus on developing customized formulations of aluminum technology and standard.

From low carbon footprint to net zero carbon emissions Committed to building an green supply chain


100% Recyclable Materials

Aluminum is considered one of the easiest metals to recycle and can reach 100% sustainability.
The primary ingot smelting process accounts for large greenhouse gas emissions,
by replacing 1-ton recycled aluminum, 12 tons of carbon emissions can be avoided during production. 
Aluminum alloy, a versatile and miracle metal that can be endlessly recyclable, is now becoming the shining star in supply chain sustainability.

What can HDK contribute to building energy-efficient supply chain

The input of the recycled material is limited to the same series of aluminum alloy that shares the same characteristic properties in order to meet composition and quality requirements. The available recycling usage sources and recycling rate are confined.
To achieve carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability, Hodaka introduce a revolutionary process to utilize different series of recycled scraps for minimizing the use of primary ingot in our products. This breaks the recycle input restriction, enhancing the overall recycling rate.
The 100% recycle rate is allowable with UL-ECVP 2809 certificated and implement in products with high appearance standards.