Alloy Design

Focus on developing customized formulations of aluminum technology and standard.

Aluminum alloys design service



      To provide clients with aluminum alloy product solutions and strengthen their product competitiveness, Hodaka Tech combines all of its experience in designing and developing aluminum alloys and has constructed a series of labs for material development and performance verification tests. By integrating alloy design simulations, small-scale RD casting test line, die designs, extrusion and heat treatment optimization, and material performance verification and analysis, Hodaka Tech expects to provide clients with comprehensive aluminum alloy product solutions, and become a major partner and powerful technological support in aluminum alloy development.

Alloy Design
  • Design alloy composition using thermodynamic databases
  • Integrate current material mechanical property databases to accurately predict material performance
  • Not applicable for aerospace and defense industries

R&D Casting Line

  • Use 800-kg graphite crucibles for alloy melting and cast billet through a wagstaff AirSlip casting machine
  • Apply on-line degasser and dual-staged CFF producing melt quality identical to that of the production line
  • Cast aluminum billets from 4" to 14" in diameter

Die Design

  • Optimize die designs through CAE simulation
  • Ensures consistency between the machined and designed dimensions of the extrusion die using 3D optical scanning
  • Fine-tunes material microstructure and properties through die design to meet clients' needs

Extrusion Process Optimization

  • Integrates die design and CAE extrusion simulation to optimize extrusion process
  • Controls profile dimensions and microstructural changes through adjusting extrusion parameters

Heat Treatment Optimization

  • Equipped with lab scale solutionization and aging oven
  • Can flexibly and quickly adjust heat treatment conditions and establish aging curves
  • Can quickly optimize heat treatment conditions specifically for new designs or customized alloys

Properties Analysis

  • Features various material characterization and test labs for prompt performance verification
  • Including composition and microstructural examination labs
  • Fast anodizing verification and stress corrosion/ general corrosion test