Our Commitment

We insist on producing the most competitively priced top-grade materials through absolutely safe and sustainable processes.


Taiwan Hodaka is dedicated to producing high-quality aluminum billets and precision profile extrusions. Adhering to the objective of producing the most competitively priced top-grade materials through absolutely safe processes, Hodaka primarily supplies high-quality aluminum materials for the sports and recreation, consumer electronics, motor vehicle, and aerospace industries. Over the years, Hodaka has built top production equipment and laboratories, acquired high-precision measurement instruments, and recruited high-level professionals. With solid processing capacity and statistical analysis, we ensure that each and every product meets our customers' standards and expectations.

Employees are the most important asset at Taiwan Hodaka. We provide our employees with a safe, sanitary, and healthy workplace. Caring for our staff is the basic responsibility of Hodaka. In management, we are committed to preventing workplace injuries, improving relevant machinery and equipment safety and sanitation facilities, regulating special operations and chemicals, requiring employees to wear personal protective equipment, performing automatic inspection, implementing environmental monitoring, and providing periodic employee health checks. We also engage in regulatory identification and health promotion.

Taiwan Hodaka also recognizes the importance of contributing to environmental protection. In our production processes, all exhaust gas, waste water, solid waste, perimeter noise, and greenhouse gas emission must adhere to various national environmental protection regulations and applicable green environmental protection standards. Taiwan Hodaka Technology Co., Ltd. constructed a large-scale solar generation system. Moreover, each production line is powered strictly by electricity or natural gas as heat sources. Processing coolant water is recycled and reused as we pursue our goal of becoming modernized green factories.

To implement sustainable management, corporations must fulfill their social responsibilities. We are committed to protecting against discrimination, child labor, and forced labor in our hiring, remuneration, training, and promotion processes. We ensure that our pay and leave system adhere to laws and regulations, our employees' life standards are protected, and our employees' work and life are well balanced. We purchase products from the socially disadvantaged as a priority option for the company's holiday gifts. Also, in response to guidelines and initiatives by international organizations such as EICC and CFSI, we devised the Non-Conflict Minerals Policy and are committed to never use conflict minerals.

Taiwan Hodaka is willing to take on any challenge to continue to improve the company's financial health, introduce the concept of Industry 4.0, take advantage of technology and innovation, break through processing bottlenecks, strengthen the quality of human resources, and communicate with stakeholders to become a professional aluminum material supplier on an international scale.