Focus on developing customized formulations of aluminum technology and standard.

Aluminum extrusion advantages

Taiwan Hodaka can select varying extrusion methods, die designs, billet dimensions, and optimized extrusion parameters and heat treatment conditions according to product properties, in order to provide profiles that meet customers' quality requirements. Such requirements may include cross-sectional dimensions, surface quality, microstructures, and mechanical properties. Through process control systems, the product parameters and quality data can be accurately logged to precisely control product quality and provide specific data for improving production quality.

 HodakaHodaka Advantages
  • 2XXX / 6XXX / 7XXX
  • Simultaneously possess a capacity of 6 and 7 alloy extrusion process lines
Extruder Presses
  • Both Types (total 17 lines)
  • Direct extruder Presses:
  • 1100*2/1500*1/2750*4/
    Indirect extruder Presses:
  • 900/1500*2/2500(MT)*3
  • More flexible production options
Process control
  • Near isothermal extrusion system
  • SCADA extrusion parameter record
  • Precise dimensional and microstructural control
  • Quality traceability
  • Includes aluminum billet casting, extrusion, and post processing technologies
  • Die design and die manufacturing shop
  • Helpful for improve properties and cosmetics