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Extruded aluminum products

Aluminum extrusion technology offers the advantages of high productivity and high precision. As a result, extrusion is commonly used in the production of semi-finished aluminum alloy products. This method involves heating aluminum ingots until they soften, then using an extrusion press and a die to extrude the alloy into profiles with the desired cross section. The extruded aluminum profiles can be solid or hollow shape, tubing, rod or plate. As long as the cross-sectional shape is uniform, most wrought aluminum alloy, can be shaped via extrusion.

  • Extruded aluminum products
Alloy typeProduct typeDimensional rangeTypical tolerancesApplication examples
Sc-containing alloys:
M6, M7, M9
Customized alloys
  • Seamless tube
  • Outer diameter range:19–190 mm
  • Minimum thickness:1.2 mm
  • OD:±0.15 mm
  • Thickness:±0.1 mm
  • Baseball bats, motor vehicle/bicycle frames, seat posts, front forks, etc.
  • Round rod
  • Outer diameter range:6–125 mm
  • OD:±0.1 mm
  • Mountain-climbing carabiners, shock absorbers (hydraulic cylinders), hub parts, etc.
  • Wire
  • Outer diameter range:2.6~20 mm
  • OD:±0.01 mm
  • Screws, nuts, spokes, etc.
  • Plates
  • Maximum width:420 mm
  • Minimum height:1.2 mm
  • Width:±0.2 mm
  • Height:±0.1 mm
  • Golf club heads, consumer electronic products, etc.
  • Hollow-extruded profiles for bicycle rims
  • Depends on product's external profile
  • Minimum wall thickness:0.55 mm
  • Wall thickness:±0.05 mm
  • Bicycle rims, etc.
  • Drawn tube
  • Outer diameter range:16–90 mm
  • Minimum thickness:0.66 mm
  • OD:±0.05 mm
  • Thickness:±0.03 mm
  • Lacrosse sticks, bicycle frame tubing, stanchion tubes, sliders, etc.
  • Drawn rod
  • Outer diameter range:10–30 mm
  • OD:±0.05 mm
  • Carabiners, relevant bicycle components, etc.
  • Special-shaped materials
  • Made according to customer's requirements
  • Made according to customer's requirements
  • Medical equipment parts, frame tubing, etc.
  • Consumer electronic product housings
  • Made according to customer's requirements
  • Minimum wall thickness tolerance:±0.07mm
  • Controllable inner and outer contours0.15mm
  • Mobile phone and MP3 housings, etc.