Focus on developing customized formulations of aluminum technology and standard.

Aluminum billet melting capacity and equipment

In response to customers' demand for high quality aluminum billets, Taiwan Hodaka Technology has continued to adjust and expand its production capacity and production lines in recent years, annual capacity to 140,000 tons through 6 current melting furnaces that include 3" to 14" productions lines. Taiwan Hodaka also owns a 2 ton experimental cast line , to help clients control newly-developed alloy properties and reduce new product development costs.

In order to produce high cleanliness and quality aluminum billets, Taiwan Hodaka uses high-purity aluminum ingots as the raw materials (Al>99.85%, in contrast to the common 99.70% purity). We use computerized Rotary Flux Injectors and Electromagnetic Stirrer Systems in our melting furnaces to remove dross and stir the melt and the degasser system. Dual-staged CFF and tube filtration are used to effectively remove hydrogen and inclusions in the melt. The purification processes are complemented by In-line Metal Cleanliness Analyzers and In-line Hydrogen Analyzers to provide real-time monitoring of melt cleanliness and hydrogen contents. We also use AirSlip technology to cast aluminum billets with thin segregation layers, highly uniform microstructures, and excellent surface quality. Lastly, proper homogenization is performed to remove segregation and produce stable and quality aluminum alloy billets .


High purity Ingot(Al≧99.85%)
Composition control
Fluxed by RFI/stirred by EMS
2.In-line Treatment

-in-line H measurement
-melt cleanliness

filtration by dual CFF
filtration by PTF
melt cleanliness measured by PoDFA, Prefil&LiMCA

3.Billet casting
SCADA/PLC system
AirSlip VDC casting
3”-14” aluminum alloy billets
Annual capacity 140,000 ton
Temperature deviation<±5℃
Specific homogenizing cycle
NDT/Micro structure measurements