Focus on developing customized formulations of aluminum technology and standard.


Quality standard and advantages of aluminum billet products

In order to produce high cleanliness and quality aluminum billets, Taiwan Hodaka uses high-purity aluminum ingots as the raw materials (Al>99.85%, in contrast to the common 99.70% purity). We use computerized Rotary Flux Injectors and Electromagnetic Stirrer Systems in our melting furnaces to remove dross and stir the melt and the degasser system. Dual-staged CFF and tube filtration are used to effectively remove hydrogen and inclusions in the melt. The purification processes are complemented by In-line Metal Cleanliness Analyzers and In-line Hydrogen Analyzers to provide real-time monitoring of melt cleanliness and hydrogen contents. We also use AirSlip technology to cast aluminum billets with thin segregation layers, highly uniform microstructures, and excellent surface quality. Lastly, proper homogenization is performed to remove segregation and produce stable and quality aluminum alloy billets (see specifications below):

Quality standard and advantages of aluminum billet products
 HodakaHodaka Advantages
Alloy design
  • Experimental cast line
  • Alloy design development capacity
  • Develop customized alloy
Raw material
  • Ingot Purity > 99.85%
  • Low Si, Fe content

    (High performance for Anodizing)

Hydrogen content
  • <0.12 c.c. / 100g Al
  • Avoid surface blistering and defects
  • <0.08mm2 /kg Al
  • Improve toughness, fatigue strength and cosmetics
Composition control
  • Set much tighter range than AA spec.
  • Prevent anodizing discoloration
  • Stable mechanical properties
Recycled materials 
  • Available to adopt 100% recycled material.
  • Prevent the contamination of other elements
  • Ensure the quality of the alloy