Human Resources

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Q1. Why does Hodaka have so many vacancies and why do they need so many people?

A: In response to expanding capacities and diverse industrial development, Hodata needs more outstanding professional talents to achieve the company’s yearly growth targets even those backup applicants are non-layoff candidates.

Q2. How do we find out the most recent information on openings at Hodaka

A: The most recent openings will be synchronized on the  online job banks. We will process some registered resume as soon as we can.

Q3. When will we hear the results after submitting the resume

A: After submitting your resume, the application must pass the preliminary review by the supervisor. Approximately one to two weeks is required to arrange the interview. If the applicant is suitable for the position, Hodaka will confirm with you the time of interview. If you haven't don’t receive any interview notification within two weeks after submitting the resume, Your application will be transferred to the talent bank.

Q4. What documents should we bring to the interview? Are there any parking spots?

A: Please bring two forms of identification (for verification), a pen, and other supplementary documents, such as resumes, academic transcripts, research papers, and portfolios. Please refer to the interview notification letter for the company location. Parking spots are available at the company and the nearby public parking lot at Yingxi Lake, Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Q5. How long do we have to wait for the interview result? Will there be a second interview?

A: * 
The second time interview depends on the arrangement of the hiring supervisor. If you don’t receive any of the aforementioned notice within two weeks after the interview, you are welcome to contact the human resource recruiting coordinator at any time.
Contact hotline: (06)505-5727 Extension1235

Q6. If I am unsuitable for the job opening or turned down for the position, will I be notified for any suitable opportunities

A: We will securely store the resumes of all unaccepted applicants in our talent bank as a reference for future openings. We will contact you if we have suitable positions available.

Q7. Do we have to take tests during the interview?

A: Yes. Some positions require an assessment of the applicant's professional competency. Applicants will be required to take written or online tests.

Q8. How long is the entire interview process?

A: The interview time for each job position will be various, and may depend on the interviewer. The process should take roughly one hour. Applicants that who take took written or online tests will be subject to longer interview periods and may be asked to participate in second interviews or retests according to requirements of the position applied for.