Human Resources

We take care of everyone in the tall family.

Employee benefits

Starting from the day you join the Hodaka family, you are entitled to the following employee benefits. We provide comprehensive and high-quality benefits to look after each individual in the Hodaka family: 

Company regulations: Labor insurance, health insurance, on-the-job educational training, two-day weekends

Bonus: Chinese New Year bonus, birthday cash gift, year-end bonus, gifts
Vacations: Paternity leave, parental leave, menstruation leave, annual leave
Insurance: Accident insurance, life insurance, employee/dependents group insurance, employee health check, staff pension, labor retirement fund, occupational hazard insurance
Transportation budget: Public transportation subsidy for commutes
Facilities: Nursing room, cooperative child care center, staff restaurant
Entertainment: Year-end banquet, family day
Subsidies: Marriage subsidy, maternity allowance, staff and dependents funeral grant, domestic and foreign travel allowance, club subsidies
Other benefits: [Bonus] year-end bonus/holiday bonus/employee gift certificates; [Insurance] group insurance/employee welfare committee; [Subsidy] educational training/employee travel grants


Contracted shops

Employees of Hodaka are entitled to discounts or offers when shopping with their staff ID at the following locations:

Employee activities

Hodaka expects all employees to strike a balance between their family and personal life, their work. Therefore, the company organizes annual parent–child activities to facilitate interactions between families and the organization. Hodaka also offers a domestic travel subsidy, to facilitate sufficient relaxation for employees during holidays and improve their efficiency at work.


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